Your Virtual Museum & Gallery

Imagine YOUR family & friends as STARS in their own virtual museum or gallery.

This is what it looks like.

The virtual museum above was produced for a grandfather that wanted to honor his family.

You can do the same.

This software program offers full user control with your mouse, keyboard or game controller to move around the museum. Some pictures contain verbal messages in your own voice. This is the ultimate virtual museum or gallery for you and yours. There are dozens of ways you can create your own virtual museum or gallery.

Kid's Art Gallery

Feature your kids' artwork in full glory with their own virtual gallery, personalized with your child's favorite background music and huge sky-banner photos of themselves. What better way to let them know how proud you are than of give them the gift of their own virtual art gallery.

Special Event Gallery

Create your own virtual museum or gallery to highlight any special event like a holiday, graduation, reunion, career achievement, etc. There is no limit to the variety of gallery content, including theme, music, audio elements and testimonials.

Ancestry or Memorial

 Celebrate your family's honored past with photos depicting your ancestors from birth through old age. Honor those family members who have passed on with a museum that details their life and special moments. This is a great way to keep memories alive for you and to pass those memories on to younger members of the family.


Turn that special day into a glorious tribute to all those who celebrated the joining of two people people in matrimony. Along with your most prized photos, choose four special music selections for visitors to listen to as they stroll through memory lane. You can also record a special message from the bride and groom to welcome visitors to their special Wedding Gallery.

Includes 84-93 Pictures

Send us any pictures, artwork or other graphics in a standard format such as JPG or PNG and we will enhance them and place them on the museum gallery floor.


Pictures that TALK

Send us digitized recordings of your voice or other audio sounds to play then someone gets close a photograph. We can also provide a voice if you provide a short script.


Multiple Choice Pictures

You can select photos that ask visitors a multiple-choice question about the photograph. Visitors then press keyboard numbers 1,2,3 or 4 to see if they were right.

Text Captions

For graphics where visitors might not recognize the subject matter, you can place text captions.

Custom Sky-Banner

High above the ground, off in the sky, visitors will see your family crest, logo, photograph or other artwork. This is totally up to you.

It's Time for YOUR Own Virtual Museum or Gallery!

Here's the Standard Package:

Our virtual museum & gallery includes the following as part of our standard package:

  • Number of photos/artwork/graphics = 84-93

  • Talking Audio Pictures = 6

  • Picture Photo Captions = 6

  • Multiple-Choice Photos = 2

  • Background Music Cuts = 2 maximum

  • Custom Public Address Announcement = 1


Customized Options:

  • Additional Photos/artwork/graphics (groups of 1-8) = $42

  • Additional Text Captions = $10 each

  • Additional Pictures that Talk = $42 each

  • Additional Background Music Tracks = $42 each

  • Additional Public Address Announcement (using your own voice or script) = $63 each

The Origin of the Virtual Museum & Gallery

The virtual museum & gallery came about when father and grandfather, Stephen Flanagan, created a family museum for his own family. Everyone loved it so much that he decided to make it available to anyone.

You'll work directly with Steve when you put your own museum and gallery together. He'll make sure it is just as special for you and your family as it was for his own family.



Check your computer's system capabilities.

This program will only run on Window 10 PCs with 8GB of RAM and a decent graphics card or a recent CPU. There are other requirements such as Direct X and Windows C++ capability. These will be loaded on to your computer system if they don't already exist. The ONLY WAY to know for sure if this program is compatible with your computer is to download our sample Museum Program, install it and run it. If it works, you're in business.

You can download the sample program below.


Please fill out the form below and let us know what you have in mind.

We will then reply with additional production details and a request to consult with you by phone at a time that's convenient for you. On our phone call, we will discuss the details associated with customizing your special project. If you have any experience at all with uploading files to Google Drive, than the process will be relatively easy.

After we receive your materials, our programming geeks will start production on your project. This includes basic photo enhancement at no additional cost, such as cropping, sizing and color correction.

When your project is complete, we'll send you a link to a program installation file that will install Your Virtual Museum on your Windows 10 computer system. You can then send the same link to all your family and friends without limitation.

Sample Virtual Museum Download

For 64-Bit Windows 10 Computers with 8mb RAM.

Download the install program by clicking below. Note that this is a large program and will take some time to load.

Also note that not all computer systems will be compatible with the new technology used to create this program. Computers that are more than 3 or 4 years old may not work. The only way to know for sure is to try.

If you download this program and it works on your system, we can produce a custom program for you.

After download, locate the "Generic-Virtual-Museum.exe" file and run it. Follow the instructions to install this program on your system.


This is a CUSTOM program so it MAY not be recognized as "SAFE" by some anti-virus and other web protection systems. If you are warned and asked if you want to "download anyway" or are asked if you "trust the program provider" (or similar language), you need to select the options to "trust" or "proceed" with the installation.

Please use this form to start your own virtual museum and gallery.

Let us know a few details about your plan and well get the ball rolling on your custom project. We will reply via email with details on how to proceed.




Briefly describe what type of project you would like to create:

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